In terms of weaving, we have adopted the principle of producing the best quality and beautiful collections for you from the first day we started our profession.

Our story

We  aim to develop the traditional weaving culture of  Buldan  Turkey in 1995 with the relationship of a master continue to introduce peshtemal to users in many parts of the world, focused on continuous development, with our hands that have mastered innovative and different weaving cultures.


By weaving the traditional weaving culture combined with these hands that have mastered the field and turning it into a product in its most beautiful form, we have made it possible for you to use peshtemal in many places, from bathrooms to kitchens, from gyms to saunas, from pools to beaches...We have taken care to use first quality raw materials (cotton, bamboo, linen, etc.) and organic dyes that do not contain chemicals.You can get a unique piece for yourself among hundreds of options, and you can contact us